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Kern County Innovative and Impactful Schools

Innovative and Impactful Schools


The Innovative and Impactful Schools (I²S) recognition program seeks out to highlight the most impactful and effective schools and programs taking place throughout Kern County’s 46 school districts and was created to identify local schools with 3 years of positive student outcome data with verified systems in place to ensure sustainability. Administrators and teachers are consistently looking to improve outcomes for students. Providing a list of locally successful schools helps support this effort. This recognition provides networking opportunities for local educators to collaborate around these innovative and impactive practices as well as focus on what schools, students, parents, teachers, and administrators can do collaboratively to use data to improve student outcomes.

The awards are built around the 3 pillars of student educational success and identify the 3 cycles as shown in the I²S icon.

  1. Academics, evidenced by SBAC scores in core subjects
  2. Student Engagement, as shown by dashboard scores in chronic absenteeism and suspension rates; and
  3. College and Career Readiness as indicated by graduation rates and College Career Indicators.




Schools identified represent the top 10% for English Language Arts and Mathematics on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) for a 3- year span.



Schools identified represent the top 1% in Suspension and Chronic Absenteeism in the area of lowest percentage rate and most improved.



Schools identified represent the top 10% of high schools with the highest Graduation rate and College and Career performance levels for a three-year span.