Teacher Development Program

The KCSOS Teacher Development Program (TDP) focuses its district support services on the beginning steps of the Learning to Teach Continuum. The TDP builds and maintain programs
that supports the recruitment, advisement, and training of prospective teachers, and also supports teachers who participate in various field-based credentialing program models.

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Programs & Services

Intern Credentialed Teacher Support Services
Provide the infrastructure required to document and monitor the state mandated support and supervision of intern credentialed teachers.

Permit Teacher Support
Provides district partners with ongoing, individualized credential advisement, support resources and monitoring for permit teacher

 New Teacher Seminars
Professional Development designed specifically for beginning teachers. The purpose of the content is to accelerate a new teachers’ professional skills.

Mentor Forums
Mentor Forums provide mentors with a venue to develop their new teacher support skills and their understanding of adult learning

Teacher Recruitment
TDP facilitates various projects as a leader in the communities’ effort to increase the number of candidates joining teacher preparation pathways.

Grant Support Collaborative
Provides grant funding resources and district support related to teacher recruitment, teacher training, new teacher mentoring and new teacher retention.


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Teacher Development Program