Children's Dental Network

Kern County Children’s Dental Health Network

The Kern County Children’s Dental Health Network (KCCDHN) began providing dental services for Kern County children in December, 2000. The program works under and is supported by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. The Kern County Children’s Dental Health Network is funded by First 5-Kern (Proposition 10). The primary goal of the mobile school-based dental program is to decrease the amount of decay in children, 1-5 years of age by improving access to dental services.

The dental services are provided by a cadre of KCCDHN staff including Stacy Eastman, DDS, Daniel Purdy DMD; Robert Bang DDS; and 4 Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice; and KCSOS coordination and support staff.

The services include chair side oral health education, an oral screening, a plaque index, a prophylaxis, application of fluoride, and sealants. Children who are identified as needing further treatment are then provided the opportunity to be treated by one of the local subcontracted pediatric dentists, Dr. Purdy DDS or Dr. Bang DDS in their respective offices. There are no fees for any of the dental services provided.