Kern County Board of Education

Trustee Area 1

Ronald G. Froehlich

Ronald G. Froehlich – Area 1

First Appointed: 1977
Most Recently Elected: November, 2022 (Term ends 2026)

Community service plays an important role in Ronald G. Froehlich’s life.

He was a trustee on the Rosedale Union School District before joining the Kern County Board of Education. He has served on the County Board of Zoning Adjustment, been a member of Lions International and been an advisor to 4-H.

A successful farmer and businessman, he freely admits that education was not an important part of his life when he attended high school. That changed after he left school and saw that, in an ever-changing world, education is not an option but a must. Today he is the first to say that “… kids are my top priority.”