Credential/Permit Renewals

Clear credentials or permits must be renewed online by following the instructions on the CCTC website .

Please follow the steps below to renew online.

1. Visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website:

2. Select Credentialing Information

3. Select Renew Your Document (Watch Video if necessary)

4. Enter Social Security Number and DOB

5. Update Personal Information if Necessary (Save)

6. Find Renewal Section- Highlight the credential or permit to be renewed, then select yes followed by renew (located up and to the left of selection box). For those who are renewing a document that requires a base credential select the arrow next to the blank box choose the base credential and click ok.

If your document does not appear in the renewal section do not proceed. Please contact our office at 636-4750 for guidance.

The fee for each renewed document is $102.50 and is payable only by credit card.

All online renewals MUST take place on or before the expiration date of the document being renewed. Failure to renew on time may result in a payroll hold.   KCSOS Credential Services recommends that all online renewals take place at least 15 to 30 days in advance of  the expiration date.  In the event that your credential/permit has already expired or the CCTC’s website does not allow you to renew online, please contact KCSOS Credential Services for further instruction or feel free to come into our office  to use our public computers.