Mission / Vision / Values

Equity Statement

To achieve equity, we must elevate our current systems to ensure every person has access, resources and opportunities to thrive academically, emotionally, socially and physically, so that outcomes and experiences are not predictable by one’s identity.


As advocates for children, we are committed to equity-focused leadership, education and support for students, school districts and the community through programs, services and fiscal accountability.

Core Values

  • The needs of all children come first.
  • We are dedicated to providing exemplary services and culturally responsive education.
  • Our diverse workforce is our most valuable asset.
  • We are committed to fiscal integrity, stability, and accountability.
  • We value and embrace our role as a community leader and collaborator.


  1. Improve access to inclusive, equitable, and high-quality education and social-emotional supports.
  2. Maximize services and ensure equitable access to resources.
  3. Develop an inclusive and diverse workforce that is reflective of our community and is cohesive and productive.
  4. Provide districts and internal divisions with guidance and tools to maintain fiscal integrity, stability, and accountability.
  5. Deliver proactive, data-driven leadership that actively seeks out and encourages diverse perspectives.