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As advocates for children, the College and Career Programs Department with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools is dedicated to providing resources to support programs that create opportunities for all students (youth and adult) to successfully acquire employment with options for promotion and access to health care to support their families and improve quality of life in Kern County. At KCSOS we support the concept of cradle-to-career planning for education and industry. All students eventually land in industry even though the path taken varies for each individual. For some that is right after high school with work experience or internship. For others, that might be after completion of a certificate program or two-year degree at community college. And, for some it may be after completion of a four-year degree or more at a university. Regardless of timing, we enter industry and need to be prepared to thrive. That is why career awareness and career planning are a crucial part of the ongoing education experience.

At KCSOS we believe in supporting families through the career planning process. This process can at times be complex and often involve new opportunities for our kids. To better support families in Kern County and assist in career planning, career awareness, and all students securing employment with promotion opportunities and access to health care to thrive in Kern, please click on the link below and explore the resource specifically curated for families:

College & Career Planning
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