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Lets consider recording this on video and using a video welcome for students.

Greetings Students! This page is a dedicated resource for you to help identify careers you might be interested in pursuing after high school. We know this friends: All students eventually end up working in an industry. Every single one of us! For some, this might be right after high school with an internship or an apprenticeship, others will go to community college for a certificate or 2-year degree, some will go to a university for a 4- year degree or more, and others will work for a while then return to school for training or a degree. No matter the path you take or the speed you progress at, or if it happens as you plan or unexpected, we know that we all land in an industry. Your family, friends, teachers, and local leaders all want to help you discover what you love to do and find a way to make that a career!

College & Career Planning
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Step 1

So, let’s get started! It all begins by understanding what you like to do. Click below to take this career interest survey, This survey will identify 2 or 3 possible careers or pathways that you might like to learn more about. After the quiz is over, come back here to explore more about your pathways!

Link to career survey

Step 2

Ok, now that you know a few pathways you are interested in pursuing, lets get some information on jobs, income, and what it takes to do that job.

Click on the Industry sector below that matches your interest survey. Each link has lists of possible jobs in that sector, training of schooling to be ready for that job, income you can expect to make, and what schools in Kern County offer that pathway.

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If you want to see all of the pathways and schools in one place, feel free to click below and explore or Kern County Pathway Magazine

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Step 3

Check out our videos featuring Kern County students in over 70 pathway on our YouTube channel: Visit our YouTube Videos

Step 4

Want to know more? No problem, check out these resources to help you answer questions, know who to talk to next, and make a plan!

Bakersfield College Program Pathway Mapper – Each Pathway allows you to explore a set of program maps that show a semester-by-semester path from program entry to completion. You will also find videos and program learning outcomes that will deepen your understanding of each program and Pathway, helping you build confidence in your program choice.
CSU Bakersfield Academic Roadmaps – Welcome to the Map To Your Future webpage! This page is the central place for faculty, staff, and students to access degree roadmaps for nearly every undergraduate major. Each roadmap provides a year-by-year outline of the courses and milestones required by each major. You can use these roadmaps to help them graduate on time.
California Career Zone – is an interactive platform that will help you assess your career interests, investigate potential jobs and how to prepare yourself for that job (apprenticeship, certificate, 2-year degree, 4-year degree or more). Then you can look at how much money you can make in that career and what schools (if needed) you can attend to get started!
Through, the California College Guidance Initiative provides students with in-depth, grade-appropriate information and data-driven tools to support college, career, and financial aid planning and applications. We offer counselors and educators a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that automate routine tasks and help quickly identify students who need more help. Through our K-12 partnerships, we work directly with districts to expand their capacity to manage and use student data. Finally, we work across systems, closing the gaps between K-12 and higher education so that the college and career goals of students don’t get lost in the transition.