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Blanton Education Center

The Kelly F. Blanton Student Education Center, in the greater Bakersfield area, is the largest community school campus, and is a year-round public school program operated by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office. The Blanton Student Education Center works closely with other school districts, the probation department, and the juvenile courts of Kern County. Eligible students include:

Blanton’s programs serve students in grades K through 12th grade. Blanton Student Education Center includes: CLC Tech (high school classroom and independent study programs); Blanton Elementary (K-6 classroom and independent study programs); Blanton Academy (integrated junior high and high school classrooms for probation referred students, only); Special Education Services; Career Plus Center; Mental Health Services; Blanton Child Development Center (Cal Safe Program) and Instructional Technology Services for court and community schools.

Enrollment in a Community School is restricted to the following groups of students:

1) Expelled students, including students who are temporarily enrolling because they have been recommended for expulsion and are awaiting an expulsion hearing.

2) Students who are recommended by a school attendance review board (SARB). A SARB referral is authorized if the Community School has space available, the Community school meets the educational needs of the student, and the parent, guardian, or responsible adult of the student has not expressly objected to the referral based on one or more of the following reasons: 1) reasonable concerns related to the pupil’s safety; 2) geographic accessibility; 3) inability to transport; 4) the school does not meet the pupil’s educational needs. If there is an objection, the district of residence may either address the express objection or find an alternative placement in another comprehensive or continuation school within the school district. If the school district has offered the pupil all other options, the school district may refer the pupil to the county community school.

3) Students whose parents have requested enrollment and have received district approval. Voluntary enrollment may not occur unless space is available and the district determines that enrollment in the Community School will promote the educational interests of the student. Additionally, parent, guardian, or responsible adult of a student voluntarily enrolled may rescind the request for the placement, and the student is entitled to immediate reenrollment in their district of residence.

4) Students who are referred by the probation department pursuant to WIC 601, 602, or 654

5) Students who are on probation or parole and not in attendance in any school.

Except when necessary for safety considerations, students who are eligible to enroll in the Community School may enroll at any of the following Community School sites where space is available.


Blanton Education Center

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