Children's Dental Network

Our Services

Oral Screening

Under the supervision and direction of Stacy Eastman,DDS, Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practices visually screen each child for cavities and abnormalities

Oral Health Education

Brushing and oral health education is provided to parents and children at the school site.

Professional Cleaning and Fluoride

Under the supervision of Stacy Eastman, DDS, a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practices provides a professional dental cleaning and an application of topical fluoride to protect children’s teeth from decay.


If a child’s first permanent molars (also known as 6-year molars) are erupted and decay-free, sealants are placed to prevent future decay.

Pediatric Dental Treatment

Children who are identified as needing further treatment are then given the opportunity to be treated by one of the local subcontracted pediatric dentists either Dr. Purdy or Dr. Bang in their respective offices. The Kern County Children’s Dental Health staff assists parents in accessing local dental treatment for their child. There are no fees for any of the dental services provided.

Cavity Varnish

Cavity Varnish is an effective, preventive technique approved by the American Dental Association that helps fight decay in young children’s teeth. It has a pleasant taste, sets rapidly and only takes minutes to apply. No dental tools or anesthetic is used to apply the varnish, only a small soft brush. The varnish remains on the surface of the teeth for several months and immediately begins releasing fluoride periodically over a four-month period of time.

Preschools and child development centers can complete an application for services to receive fluoride varnish for the children in their centers. Children receive a visual dental screening, application of fluoride varnish and a new toothbrush.