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English Language Development

Title III Technical Assistance

Cole Sampson

Michelle Young
ELA/ELD Coordinator

Michelle Young has 15 years in the classroom, 8 years as a district curriculum specialist, and 2 years at KCSOS. Michelle is passionate about student and teacher learning and loves to work with teachers to provide the best instruction possible. Language and literacy are the focus of her work, working with educators to understand where students struggle and to find pathways to student success. Michelle is looking forward to collaborating with educators to identify and utilize high impact practices for learning.

Anna 'Lisa' Vargas

Anna “Lisa” Vargas
ELD / Title III Coordinator

Anna “Lisa” Vargas has 23 years educational experience. Lisa is passionate about heightening awareness in achieving academic success for all students. She is focused on supporting best practices related to effective programs, student achievement, and systems of support for English Learners. Lisa is looking forward to working effectively with all educators in building partnerships that support the process of learning.