Instructional Support

English Language Arts

Michelle Young

Michelle Young
English Language Arts/Literacy Coordinator

Michelle Young has been working in education for 26 years as a classroom teacher, curriculum specialist for a local district and as an ELA/ELD coordinator for Kern County Superintendent of Schools. She is a reading specialist, has a Master of Arts in Reading as well as an Administrative credential. Michelle is passionate about student and teacher learning and loves to work with teachers to provide the best instruction possible. Language and literacy, including the Science of Reading, are the focus of her work, working with educators to understand where students struggle and to find pathways to student success. She led the team which wrote the EL Toolkit of Strategies which includes 12 high impact strategies for helping make content accessible for English Learners. Michelle is looking forward to collaborating with educators to identify and utilize high impact practices for learning.

Mandy Fisher
With 26 years of classroom experience, coupled with 10 years of experience training teachers, Mandy Fisher is beginning her 27th year in education here at KCSOS. Mandy is passionate about providing teaching practices that promote high-interest, engaging opportunities for student learning. She is a skilled, dynamic teacher who is excited to build partnerships with Kern County educators that foster an excitement for student success through quality, high-impact instructional practices.