Instructional Support

Co-Op/Small Schools

Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS), as stated in state regulation 3945*, provides support for school districts with less than $75,000 total consolidated application funding. The support is through a quarterly Small Schools Collaborative (see flyer), writing and implementing school plans, and facilitating/ organizing small school activities.

Approved Small Schools Collaborative

*3945. Cooperative Programs
(a) School districts with less than $75,000 total funding available from all consolidated application sources must enter into a cooperative program. Any district receiving consolidated application funds on January 1, 1978, and which was not then required to enter into a cooperative is exempt from this requirement. Where the cooperative administrative agency is a county office of education, and the participating district is a direct service district, charges may be made only for those services that are in addition to those that are provided as direct services.(b) Each cooperative shall annually execute a formal agreement with each participating district regarding levels and types of services and amounts to be charged for those services.