Human Resources


Regular employees are paid on the last office working day of the month. Payroll warrants will be distributed to employees assigned to selected locations; others will be mailed to employee’s home address unless the AUTHORIZATION for PAY DISTRIBUTION indicates another choice.

Substitute and short term employees’ time sheets for the month (26th – 25th), should be signed by employee and supervisor and forwarded to the director for approval. Time sheets received in payroll in a timely manner by the monthly deadline will be paid by the 15th, providing all necessary paperwork has been received from Personnel. Warrants will be mailed to the home address of the employee as they are processed. Departments must have Personnel Paperwork submitted and all required approval signatures prior to the first day of employment for all employees.

Jury Duty: The county court will pay $0 for the first day regardless of whether you are picked for jury duty or not, $15 for every day thereafter until you complete your jury duty service. Pay the office the reimbursement you receive from the court. Mileage is yours to keep. If you want the mileage, cash the check and write a personal check made payable to KCSOS. If you don’t want the mileage, endorse the check and send it to the Business Office. Be sure to complete a leave of absence form indicating jury duty and return it to Human Resources.