Community Connection for Childcare

Child Care Referral System

To generate a web base list of licensed family child care providers or centers near your work, home, or any location you chose, please read the following and agree to the disclaimer to begin. If you prefer, you can also call our main office at (661) 861-5200 or (877) 861-5200 toll free and request a list of licensed family child care provider or centers from one of our referral counselors. ***If you are not in Kern County and need child care in another part of California, please click here to find the local R&R Agency in you part of the state.

While you look for child care please remember:

  • The information we collect is very important to give you the best referral possible, so we ask that you please complete all required information.
  • All personal information collected is kept CONFIDENTIAL
  • This data is also used to assist state and local agencies to understand and plan effectively to address child care needs in our community.

The referral list you will receive will consist of child care providers who match the criteria you entered. The providers who meet the criteria you entered will be picked at random from our computer database.

We encourage parents to use the brochure Child Care Choices-Is this the right place for my child? as a guide for selecting a child care program.

If you are not in Kern County and need child care in another part of California, please click here to find the local R&R Agency in your part of the state to help you.

Let’s Get Started…

These programs are licensed by Community Care Licensing. The offices are located in Fresno and Bakersfield and maintain files on all licensed programs. California state law requires a licensed child care facility to make accessible to the public a copy of any licensing report pertaining to the facility that documents a facility visit or a substantiated complaint investigation.

A more complete file regarding a child care licensee may be available at an office of the State Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division. You have the right to access any public information in these files.

As a parent/guardian, you have the right to get information about any substantiated or inconclusive complaints about a child care provider that you select for your child. That information is public and you can get it by calling the local licensing office.

To contact Community Care Licensing please dial (559) 243-4588. You will need the facility (license) number to request the information and you will only be allowed to access the files of three (3) providers per request. You can also CLICK HERE to connect to Community Care Licensing.

CCCC does not make recommendations, does not supervise these programs, has not evaluated them, and the CCCC is not responsible for them in any way. If you are concerned about liability insurance be sure to ask the provider for proof of insurance.

If you agree and understand the above disclaimer, proceed