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We know that the issues of safety, healthy families, economic development and other issues faced daily by families simply cannot be addressed by only one organization or person. Local collaboratives are not entities in and of themselves, but rather a collection of organizations and people representing businesses, government, nonprofits, schools, and community residents, all of who are passionate about children. Local collaboratives work hand-in-hand with their many partners and the Kern County Network for Children’s Governing and Advisory Boards to develop real solutions that truly meet the needs of community residents.

Most Collaboratives in Kern County have completed a Collaborative Accreditation process. Accreditation (willingly submitting to self-study and evaluation) builds commitment and fosters deeper understanding of collaboration among group members, area residents, service partners, funders, and policy makers. The accreditation process was also designed to promote a uniform child well-being agenda throughout the county. The ultimate goal of this process is to measurably improve outcomes for all children and their families.

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