Special Education

School Age Programs: 5 – 21 Years of Age

Working closely with the local school districts, there is a full continuum of programs for students in Kern County, including Mild to Moderate, Moderate to Server and Designated Instructional Services (DIS) to children from ages five through 21. Programs are provided in public school settings, special classes, centers and other locations as needed by the student. An “Individualized Education Plan (IEP)” describes the skills, needs and goals for the student. High school age students are provided transition services and planning to assist in the move from school to the adult world.

When the needs of the student require a specialized program beyond the range of the local school, the programs are offered by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office, Division of Special Education, to school age children and students through age 21 in some cases who have a disability in one or more of the following areas:

  • speech and language delays
  • cognitive delays
  • physical/orthopedic
  • visual impairments
  • deafness
  • hard of hearing
  • emotional disturbance
  • deaf and blindness
  • traumatic brain injury
  • learning disabilities
  • other heath impairment
  • multiple disabilities

If you know a school age child that may need special education intervention, a referral may be made by calling your local school district or the Search and Serve office, 661.636.4817 or contact us by e-mail: alkidwell@kern.org