Special Education

Regional Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs

The Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office, Division of Special Education Services, provides access to quality education in a variety of settings for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Regionalization of the educational services allows each of the 47 school districts, regardless of size, throughout the Kern County area to pool the resources, specialized staff, equipment, and finances to provide deaf and hard of hearing students and their parents with a comprehensive and effective educational environment.

Through this collaborative approach, students are educated with a significant number of age, cognitive and language appropriate peers. Students have opportunities to be educated through participation in typical education classes with their hearing peers as well as participating in special day classes designed specifically for students who have a hearing disability. Regionalized programming provides social, emotional, and academic advantages for the students. They develop pride in themselves as members of the community and feel comfortable in working and socializing with their hearing peers. Ultimately, the students gain confidence and the knowledge that they are prepared to accomplish their goals and become successful, productive and contributing members of society.

Program Overview: The instructional program focuses on the skills necessary to meet the proficiencies and graduation requirements established by the California Department of Education. In addition to the basic academic program, services to attain these goals are provided by personnel with specialized training in the instruction, guidance and behavior, speech and language therapy, sign language development, interpreting, audiological services and other services as needed, such as adaptive physical education, and prevocational preparation.

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