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Tablets & Security Carts Resource

Before You Use Tablets…

Proper Use & Care

Review all procedures posted on this webpage to familiarize yourself with student tablet procedures.
  • Learn how to properly take out and put in the tablets in the carts. Watch Video
  • How to remove screen and put it back on
  • Windows Updates – for tablets

Tablet Checkout Procedures

If Tablet is Stolen/Lost/Damaged

There must be a Checkout System for the tablets that shows what tablet each student is using.

  1. These tablets must be checked out, with the student initials, when first handed out, noting the student name and tablet #.
  2. When student is done with the tablet, the tablet must be inspected by staff member, then checked out.
  3. Inspection, check for any damage, keys missing, or tagging.

Click here to download a checkout sheet template.

    Immediately fill out this webform for Lost or Stolen Tablets. Please make notes of who you believe was the last person to use it, and when it was last used.
    For a damaged tablet, please submit a FreshDesk ticket. Please note exactly how the tablet was damaged in the ticket.

How to login to student tablets

Good Security Practices

For every classroom, there is a unique student login username/password.

Watch this video to learn your classroom’s student login & how to access student work.

  • Always use tablet checkout system
  • Physically monitor tablets when students are using them
  • Only have security cart unlocked when passing out and returning tablets. The cart should always be locked, even during class hours.
  • Don’t leave unattended tablets on the counter

Tablet Use

Net Support

  • Student tablet use should only be for classroom instruction with your lesson plan. At no times, should any students be playing online games,
    or have random web surfing time.
  • Since we started this policy, spyware issues have gone down about 95% on student tablets. Also, there is much less discipline issues with students when they are not allowed to freely surf the web.
NetSupport must be used at all times when students are using the tablets/computers.

With NetSupport, “approved only” websites and “approved only” applications must be turned on.

For NetSupport video tutorials, click here.

LEAs are required to have measures & policies in place to protect students from obscene and harmful materials.

Applies to companies & limits their ability to collect personal info for kids under 13. They must maintain the confidentially, security, & integrity of information they collect.

FERPA protects students’ records & gives parents the rights to view them. Schools will not post student identifiable information publicly online. Schools may disclose some directory information, post student work & photos for public viewing but will not publish student last names or other personally identifiable information. Parents can opt out of the previous.