KCSOS Provides Activities to Combat Summer Slide

KCSOS Provides Activities to Combat Summer Slide

  • May 22, 2023

With summer on the horizon for many students here in Kern County, parents should be aware of preventing what is known as the “summer slide.” The phrase “summer slide” refers to the loss of academic skills and knowledge that students experience over the summer break when they are not engaged in formal learning activities.

However, for just two to three hours per week during the summer, students who read or engage in another form of learning can prevent this loss of learning.

“The reality is half of all students lose up to 40% of their learning during the year – we don’t want them to start behind when they start the new school year,” said Justin Janssen, STEAM Program Specialist for KCSOS. “We need to treat our student’s brains like a muscle by exercising and stimulating it for only a couple of hours a week.”

To help parents, KCSOS has put together a list of activities that can help combat summer learning loss. Click the links below for more information: