Oral Language Festival Winners Announced

Oral Language Festival Winners Announced

  • April 24, 2023

More than 240 students who rose through their school, district and regional competitions presented their interpretations of a published literary work during the annual Kern County Oral Language Festival held Saturday, April 22 at Stonecreek Jr. High School.

Presentations were 3-5 minutes in length with grades 4-6 and grades 7-8 competing separately. Categories of competition were Verse Choir, Humorous Interpretation Solo, Humorous Interpretation Duo, Serious Interpretation Solo and Serious Interpretation Duo.

Trophies were awarded to first through third place finishers. Those results are:

Grades 4-6

Humorous Interpretation Solo
1st — Manya Ghai, St. John’s Lutheran
2nd — Adam Johnston, Cato Middle School
3rd — Ian Phillips, Del Rio Elementary

 Serious Interpretation Solo
1st — Amrita Singh, St. John’s Lutheran
2nd — Tatum Flood, Olive Drive Elementary
3rd — Nataly Lemus, Casa Loma Elementary

 Serious Interpretation Duo
1st — Thomas Resk and Mark Mousa, Ronald Reagon Elementary
2nd — Emily Huynh and Ellie Huynh, Owens Elementary School
3rd — Camille Bean and Janiece Luna, Eissler Elementary School

Humorous Interpretation Duo
1st — Logan Bettis and Gunnar Meridith, Veteran Elementary
2nd — Lauren Odell and Natalia Jouda, St. John’s Lutheran School
3rd — Maci Ruffin and Emma Schekel, Fletcher Elementary School

Verse Choir
1st — Lindsie Baker, Jordan Marsh, Maya Martin, Jaicee Sandoval, Bridget Simmons, and Lauren Wong, Fletcher Elementary School
2nd — Olivia Barrera, Gianna Cardenas, and Bryah Womack, Discovery Elementary
3rd — Sanay Mahajan, Sanvi Mahajan, Aayush Mathukia, Daniel Parizi, and Savyaa Vyas, Ronald Reagon Elementary

 Grades 7/8

Serious Interpretation Solo

1st — Liam McCauley, Warren Junior High
2nd — Anabell Werner, Valley Oaks Tehachapi
3rd — Richee Padilla, Warren Junior High

Humorous Interpretation Solo
1st — Jasmine Bajwa, Tevis Junior High
2nd — Ishaan Pathak, Norris Middle School
3rd — Kendra Sandoval, Cecil Avenue Math & Science Academy

Serious Interpretation Duo
1st — Kate Lin and Christina Roh, Warren Junior High
2nd — John Marquez and Esteban Yanez, Tropico Middle School
3rd — Elizabeth Villatoro and Sarah Ullyott, Freedom Middle School

Humorous Interpretation Duo
1st — Abigail Biron and Brylee Freeland, Norris Middle School
2nd — Kaitlyn Huynh and Anjali Kakarla, Warren Junior High
3rd — Eden Coughran and Abby Winn, Freedom Middle School

Verse Choir
1st — Dave Lee, Ansh Patel, Amjali Leva, Ronak Bose, Sidhaan Ranganath, and Sophia Resk, Warren Junior High
2nd — Imandeep Matharu, Ryan Jiang, Bryan Moe, Aalia Riar, Gursharn Kaur, and Hashmeet Kaur, Warren Junior High
3rd — Juius Machua, Steven Serna, and David Valdovinos, McKee Middle School