Celebrating KCSOS’s Women Leaders: Priscilla Quinn

Celebrating KCSOS’s Women Leaders: Priscilla Quinn

  • March 27, 2023

After almost 25 years working in education finance, Priscilla Quinn’s upcoming retirement is a celebration recognizing a tremendous career filled with many accomplishments. Starting as a cashier in Muroc Joint Unified School District when her husband was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base to now retiring as Assistant Superintendent of Finance for KCSOS, Quinn has worked hard to get to where she is and recognizes the importance of putting your best foot forward every single day.
Quinn wasn’t seeking leadership opportunities at the onset of her career and simply needed a job. Utilizing her previous business education, she went from a cashier and food service worker to working in the Human Resources Department at Muroc.

With more encouragement from the district Superintendent, Quinn went back to school to finish her bachelor’s degree so she would be ready for new opportunities when they came her way. This proved helpful as Quinn transitioned to the district’s business office, where she later became the Chief Business Official (CBO).

Five years later and with many learning experiences under her belt, Quinn received a call that would open the door to an opportunity at KCSOS. Now almost 15 years later, Quinn wishes she had the hindsight she has now to maneuver herself through career challenges.

“When opportunities presented themselves, I felt like I always had to express my insecurities to those offering the roles,” said Quinn. “I always had to ask if they were sure there weren’t others better for those positions. Eventually, I realized that it was my work ethic and loyalty that made me unique and better suited for the job; it made me more confident.”

The mentoring advice she received from many including Kern County Superintendent of Schools Mary Barlow, helped Quinn recognize she had strengths of her own that helped damper the fears, especially as she recalled being one of only a few women working in her field.

Now in her role as Assistant Superintendent of Finance for KCSOS, Quinn has spent years giving back and mentoring young professionals in FCMAT’s CBO mentor program.

With preparations for her retirement underway and a new Assistant Superintendent of Finance named, Quinn is ready for her new chapter in life. But before she goes, she has some advice for those who want it:

“Every day is an interview,” said Quinn. “Work hard, learn how to have difficult conversations, and build relationships. It’s how I got to KCSOS!”