Celebrating KCSOS’s Women Leaders: Dr. Lisa Gilbert

Celebrating KCSOS’s Women Leaders: Dr. Lisa Gilbert

  • March 27, 2023

Dr. Lisa Gilbert always knew she wanted to work with kids. However, she was not expecting the sometimes difficult, but very gratifying, path her career has taken over the past 36 years in education. 

While in college and directly after, Gilbert worked in many different positions over 15 years within the Greenfield Union School District, including an Instructional Aide, Special Education Teacher, and then a School Counselor after receiving her master’s degree. Eventually, an opportunity in Tehachapi led her to her first administrative position as Vice Principal, where she finally felt she had it made. 

“In my head, this job was it,” said Gilbert. “I never expected to keep advancing, and I would definitely categorize myself as an accidental administrator. But even after initial reluctance, I knew the work was bigger than me, so I did the best I could in every opportunity that came my way.” 

After serving as a high school and elementary Assistant Principal, elementary Principal, and Assistant Superintendent in Tehachapi Unified School District, Gilbert was asked to step in as Superintendent. It was during this time that Gilbert experienced a number of hard days when an unfortunate passing of a student made national headlines. To get through it, Gilbert leaned into the mentor relationships she had formed over the years and realized her responsibility was to do her best for her students, community, and team. 

Looking back and reflecting on the path that eventually brought her to where she is now at KCSOS as the Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services, Gilbert feels lucky to have experienced a career filled with support from her family and colleagues. Her best piece of advice for those starting their career is to not only discover what your passion is but then have the courage to pursue that opportunity when it comes your way.