Celebrating KCSOS’s Women Leaders: Desiree Von Flue

Celebrating KCSOS’s Women Leaders: Desiree Von Flue

  • March 14, 2023

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Desiree Von Flue, dreamed of being a broadcast journalist when she enrolled at San Diego State. She even landed an internship at the Today Show during her senior year. It was here she got a real taste of the industry and realized it was not a great fit for her.

After graduation, Von Flue switched gears and decided to stay in San Diego for an extra year to receive her teaching credential. At 22, Von Flue accepted her first teaching position and wanted to help students fall in love with being at school.

As a junior high English teacher, she took the opportunity to help her students escape the awkward challenges that most seventh and eighth-graders face through literature, public speaking, and theater to make learning more fun.

Working at a one-school district afforded Von Flue the opportunity to get involved in numerous extracurricular activities for the benefit of her students. Her “let’s make it happen” attitude eventually opened the doors to administrative opportunities.

“My Superintendent recruited me to help plan an instructional audit, and from there, I became the Vice Principal,” said Von Flue. “You see that pattern throughout my career because I wanted to make things happen for my students, eventually leading me to where I am today.”

Von Flue later served as Superintendent of the Fairfax School District before joining KCSOS where she oversees all of KCSOS’s student programs including Alternative Education, Special Education, Camp KEEP, Early Childhood Education, Migrant Education, and Valley Oaks Charter School.

Von Flue’s best advice for those around her is simple: do something you love, do it to the best of your ability, and continuously work to make the world a better place. By reminding yourself to ask whether or not you believe your efforts are good enough for your own children or a loved one, you are winning when you can easily say “yes.”