KCSOS Holds Annual Transportation Awards

KCSOS Holds Annual Transportation Awards

  • August 10, 2022

KCSOS held its annual transportation awards in conjunction with the California Highway Patrol on Aug. 10 at KCSOS’s Student Service Center.

The CHP awarded bus drivers who have driven for at least 10 years or a minimum of 100,000 miles without a preventable accident with their coveted CHP Safe Driving Certificates. KCSOS’s Safe Driving Pins were also awarded.

The following are this year’s award recipients.

CHP Awards

CHP 100,000-mile award — Orlando Flores, Cristina Garza, Jamie Aviles

CHP 200,000-mile award — Chequila Jackson

CHP 300,000-mile award — Elizabeth Olivarez

CHP 500,000-mile award — Keisha Dean

CHP 600,000-mile award — Ronnie Dixon


KCSOS Years of Safe Driving Awards

1 YEAR — Dymond Lands, Isabel Ruiz, Adriana Miranda, Leticia Navejas, Floyd Marin

3 YEARS — Jaime Aviles, Raymond Palomo

4 YEARS — Sandra Caballero, Orlando Flores, Akeiliah Haynes, Chequila Jackson, Patricia Pulido

5 YEARS – LaTisha Ross

6 YEARS — Mina Franco, Stephanie Ruffus

9 YEARS — Elizabeth Olivarez

12 YEARS — Maria Mafabon, Diana Medrano, Cynthia Pullman

13 YEARS — Veronica Pearman

15 YEARS — Teresa Coleman, Marleny Reyes, Dana Yasin

17 YEARS — Ronnie Dixon

20 YEARS — Keisha Dean

Transportation Awards