Kern Codes Student Competition

Kern Codes Student Competition

  • April 28, 2022

The second-annual Kern Codes student competition was held virtually yesterday with sixty-five Kern County 6th through 12th graders showcasing their knowledge of computer programing concepts.

“The goal of Kern Codes is to introduce participants to coding and to expose students to diverse job markets, promote hands-on learning experiences, and enhance problem-solving skills,” said Zack Safi, KCSOS Academic Technology Coordinator.

Trophies were awarded to first through third place finishers. Those results are:


Middle School – Individual

First – Warren Woolf, Valley Oaks Charter School (Tehachapi)

Second – Dhruv Reddy, St. John’s Lutheran School

Third – Zachary Avila, Palm Avenue Middle School


Middle School – Group

First – Cookie Clickers, Palm Avenue Middle School, Dylan Durfee and Jace Hernandez

Second – Elif-inators, Fruitvale Junior High School, John Eoh and Zoren Garoutte

Third – Pi, Fruitvale Junior High School, Peyton Rivera and Ian Bell


High School – Individual

First – Harjaisal Brar, Stockdale High School

Second – Jahan Rashidi, Stockdale High School

Third – Leonardo Gil Rojo, Stockdale High School


High School – Group

First – while(!false){win();}, Centennial High School, Sebastian Boehme, Bradley Andersen, and Campbell Cleveland

Second – Dijktras Shortest Path to Victory, Centennial High School, Jonathan Darius, Jackson Dinsdale, and Nathan Patterson

Third – The Debuggers, Career Technical Education Center, Christian Lozano, and Johnathan Jojola