Results released for Kern Codes competition

The Kern County Superintendents of Schools (KCSOS) hosted its inaugural Kern Codes competition yesterday wherein students from seven participating high schools and middle schools applied their knowledge about computer programming.

“The event was created to expose students to diverse job markets, promote hands-on learning experiences, and enhance problem-solving skills,” said KCSOS science coordinator Michelle Roy.

Competing schools included Career Technical Education Center, Centennial High School, Bakersfield High School, Stockdale High School, Fruitvale Junior High, and Valley Oaks Charter School.

The results of this year’s competition are as follows:

Individual Middle School

1st place — Warren Woolf / Valley Oaks Charter School

2nd place — Matthew Sudduth / Fruitvale Junior High

Group Middle School

1st place — Hayliee Tat, Christian Mills, Caidence Hansen / Fruitvale Junior High

2nd place — Barron Tran, Ethan Comstock, Piheng Chan / Fruitvale Junior High

3rd place — Leonardo Alcaraz, Josef Rubinol / Fruitvale Junior High

Individual High School

1st place — Ethan Conner / Centennial High School

2nd place — Harjaisal Brar / Stockdale High School

3rd place — Daniel Martinez / Bakersfield High School

Group High School

1st place — Nik Jensen, Matty Witt, Sam Munoz / Bakersfield High School