Oral Language Festival Results


50th annual Kern County Oral Language Festival winners announced

Dozens of students who rose through their school, district and regional competitions presented their interpretations of a published literary work during the 50th annual Kern County Oral Language Festival. The event was held virtually this year and took place on Saturday, Feb. 20.

Presentations were 3-5 minutes in length with grades 4-6 and grades 7-8 competing separately. Categories of competition were: Verse Choir, Humorous Interpretation Solo, Humorous Interpretation Duo, Serious Interpretation Solo and Serious Interpretation Duo.

Trophies were awarded to first through third place finishers. Those results are:

 Grades 4-6

Serious Interpretation Solo

1st — Ronak Bose / Reagan Elementary
2nd — Reagan Contreras / Granite Pointe Elementary School
3rd — Samantha Coronado / Albany Park Elementary

Humorous Interpretation Solo
1st — Sidhan Ranganath / Reagan Elementary
2nd — Chyana Patterson / Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
3rd — Audrey Tapia / McKee Middle School

Serious Interpretation Duo
1st — Logan Duke and Cade Yoon / Old River Elementary
2nd — Valerie Macias and Annabelle Ortega / Valle Verde Elementary
3rd — Arianna Gonzalez and Irene Uribe / Valle Verde Elementary

Humorous Interpretation Duo
1st — Ansh Patel and Anjali Leva / Reagan Elementary
2nd — Marcella Guimarra and Madelyn Maxwell / Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
3rd —  Demiana Mousa and Mark Mousa / Reagan Elementary

Verse Choir
1st —  Anvika Thomas, Cymone Janel Canton, and Rupsa Daripa / Reagan Elementary
2nd — N/A (there was only one entry this year)
3rd — N/A (there was only one entry this year)


Grades 7/8

Serious Interpretation Solo
1st — Armindev Bhatti / La Vina Middle School
2nd —  Bella Stine / Tevis Jr. High
3rd — Hannah Pacheco / Warren Jr. High

Humorous Interpretation Solo
1st —  Bree Goessman / McKee Middle School
2nd — Mary Kim Park / St. John’s Lutheran
3rd —  Ashley Wilson / Warren Jr. High

Humorous Interpretation Duo
1st —  Anna Simone Resk and Justina Shehata / Warren Junior High
2nd — Emiliano Banuelos and Eric Cesenas / McKee Middle School
3rd — Jocelyn Fonseca Olivas and Jose David Fonseca Olivas / Stonecreek Jr. High