2019 Science Fair Results Announced  

Approximately 630 4th through 12th grade students took part in Kern County’s 31st annual Regional Science Fair on March 12 at the Rabobank Convention Center. There were over 561 projects in all. The annual event is the culmination of months of hard work for students who rose through their school and district ranks for a chance to showcase their science projects and compete at the county level.

First or second place finishers may be eligible to compete in the 68th annual California Science Fair to be held at the California Science Center in Los Angeles on April 29-30.

The following are the results in each category:


First Place — Jaylin Olson/Rosedale North Elementary
Second Place — Joseph Jephson/American Elementary
Third Place — Jeremiah Smith/American Elementary
Honorable Mention — Megan Otts/Suburu Elementary

First Place — Zoey Raguindin/Fletcher Elementary
Second Place — Josiah Vance/Centennial Elementary
Third Place — Quan Laskey/St. Ann Catholic School
Honorable Mention —Jaelyn Ray/Zephyr Elementary

Life Science
First Place — Finn Ashley/Downtown Elementary
Second Place — Juan Blanco/Berkshire Elementary
Third Place — Luna Carvente/Stine Elementary
Honorable Mention — Leah Salcedo/El Camino Real Elementary 

Mammalian Biology
First Place — Sophia Cestone/Miller Elementary
Second Place — Alyssa Barragan/Nueva Vista Language Academy
Third Place — Abigail Elizalde/Rosedale North Elementary
Honorable Mention — Kaylee Lopez/Del Vista Math & Science Academy

Materials Science
First Place — Amanda Gonzalez/Bessie Owens Intermediate
Second Place — Paisley Harris/Hart Elementary
Third Place — Andrew Maldonado/Granite Pointe Elementary
Honorable Mention — Ina Trang/McAuliffe Elementary 

Materials Science – Liquids
First Place — Andersen Zahn/Laurelglen Elementary
Second Place — McKenzie Bauer/Almondale Elementary
Third Place — Madelyn Evans/Panama Elementary
Honorable Mention — Adriana Andrade/Myrtle Avenue Elementary 

Plant Biology
First Place — Katelyn Kaff/Stockdale Elementary
Second Place — Samriddhi Singh/Reagan Elementary
Third Place — Hayden Hatfield/Sing Lum Elementary
Honorable Mention — Lila Vincent/Patriot Elementary

Physics I
First Place — Warren Woolf/Valley Oaks Charter School
Second Place — Adam Brady/Almondale Elementary
Third Place — Elissa Cortes/Morningside Elementary
Honorable Mention — Jynna Sabala/Prueitt Elementary

Physics II
First Place — Eric Nahama/Bessie Owens School
Second Place — Nathan Cruz-Boone/Downtown Elementary
Third Place — Grant Guyton/Almondale Elementary
Honorable Mention — Emma Hay/Fletcher Elementary 

Product Science I
First Place — Scout Hague/Buena Vista Elementary
Second Place — Emily Sanchez/Pioneer School
Third Place — Aristen De Guzman/Bill Williams Elementary
Honorable Mention — Clowie Hamon/Standard Elementary

Product Science II
First Place — Eleni Southerd/Independence Elementary
Second Place — Madyline Beckham/Woodrow Wallace Elementary
Third Place — James Maples/Hacienda Elementary
Honorable Mention — Clare Dedmon/Bimat Elementary

Grade 5

Applied Mechanics
First Place — Nathan Poon/Kendrick Elementary
Second Place — Phillip Mangelsdorf/Golden Hills Middle School
Third Place — Amelia Riley/American Elementary
Honorable Mention — Kylie Newlen/Chavez Elementary

Chemistry I

First Place — Miliani Barraza/Woodrow Wallace Elementary
Second Place — Jordan Loveland/Bill Williams Elementary
Third Place — Jefferson Jerrickson/Virginia Avenue Elementary
Honorable Mention — Savannah Lopez/Redwood Elementary

Chemistry II
First Place — Cristian Camou/Bimat Elementary
Second Place — Lay’Arie Williams/Hacienda Elementary
Third Place — Clyde Pabalate/Morningside School
Honorable Mention — Dominic Mendez/Fairview Elementary

Chemistry III
First Place — Lupwaydoh Windsor/Endeavour Elementary
Second Place — Mia Wilson/Peak to Peak Mountain Charter
Third Place — Alexandra Billings/St. Francis Parish School
Honorable Mention — Katelin Neal/McAuliffe Elementary

Cognitive Science
First Place — Jada Dizon-Ramos/Morningside School
Second Place — Khushwant Kaur/Morningside School
Third Place — Lucy Forsyth/Stockdale Elementary
Honorable Mention — Josephine Ramos/Albany Park Elementary 

Earth Science
First Place — Jorea Lin, Buena Vista Elementary
Second Place — Owen Weishaar, Rio Bravo-Greeley
Third Place — Zane Rock, Thorner Elementary
Honorable Mention — Wyatt Bassett, Stockdale Elementary 

First Place — Katherine Whitehouse/Granite Pointe Elementary
Second Place — Juliet Villalobos/Grimmway Academy
Third Place — Jack Sonke/Buena Vista Elementary

Life Science
First Place — Presley Reed/Endeavour Elementary
Second Place — Ishmeet Singh/St. John’s Lutheran School
Third Place — Gabriel Ayala/Discovery Elementary

Material Science
First Place — Noah Calhoun, Peak to Peak Mountain Charter
Second Place — Angelica Pantoja, Bear Mountain Elementary
Third Place — Amaris Luna/Alicante Avenue
Honorable Mention — Anabel Alvidrez-Tovar/Bessie Owens Intermediate

First Place — Simon Kebede/Reagan Elementary
Second Place — Spencer Watkins/Miller Elementary
Third Place — Segen Von Flue, Laurelglen Elementary

Plant Biology
First Place — Tanvi Thallapalle/St. John’s Lutheran Elementary
Second Place — Mridula Krishnan/Centennial Elementary
Third Place — Tate Van Scharrel/St. John’s Lutheran Elementary
Honorable Mention — Jacklyn Mays/Del Rio Elementary

Product Science I
First Place — Jorge Delgado/Bessie Owens Intermediate
Second Place — Thomas Wilson/Discovery Elementary
Third Place — Kaitlyn Sharrer/Endeavour Elementary
Honorable Mention — Jaden Huang/Old River Elementary

Product Science II
First Place — Ciaran Lollar/Centennial Elementary
Second Place — Ella Mauer/Kernville Elementary
Third Place — Madison Catlin/Patriot Elementary
Honorable Mention — Natalia Gonzales/Bear Mountain Elementary 

Grades 6-8

First Place — Emily Bell/Actis Jr. High
Second Place — Maddox Smith/Downtown Elementary
Third Place — Iamanni Jackson/Cato Middle School 

Alternative Energy
First Place — Aditya Kakarla/Warren Jr. High
Second Place — Gianna Nicomedes/Warren Jr. High
Third Place — Carolyn James/Stockdale Christian School

Applied Mechanics and Structures
First Place — Nicholas Frutos/Panama Elementary
Second Place — Jimmy Bittleston/Rio Bravo-Greeley
Third Place — Benito Juarez/Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Honorable Mention — Anneliese Sullivan/St. John’s Lutheran School


First Place — Rhea Sharma/St. John’s Lutheran School
Second Place — Cesar Duarte/Stonecreek Jr. High
Third Place — Grace Elliott/La Vina Middle School
Honorable Mention — Lacey Fachin/Freedom Middle School

First Place — John Erick Tarcena/Woodrow Wallace Middle School
Second Place — Bella Hunter, Lilly Hunter, Centennial Elementary
Third Place — Anum Khan, Ananya Komireddy/Warren Jr. High
Honorable Mention — Braxton Briscoe/Thorner Elementary

Chemistry I

First Place — Joedina Crocker/Beardsley Jr. High
Second Place — Brock Heber/Lincoln Jr. High
Third Place — Gracie Lau/American Elementary
Honorable Mention — Camila Botello/Alicante Avenue
Honorable Mention — Cristian Duran/La Vina Middle School

Chemistry II
First Place — Justin Magugat/Tevis Jr. High
Second Place — Ria Patel/Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Third Place — Jadelyn Smith, Seibert Elementary

Chemistry III
First Place — Taryn Manns/Sing Lum Elementary
Second Place — An Truong, Tu Truong/Warren Jr. High
Third Place — Jessica Ela/Grimmway Academy

Chemistry IV
First Place — Hannah Hessler/Stockdale Christian School
Second Place — Himmut Chatha/Bessie Owen Intermediate
Third Place — Brett Royer/Rio Bravo-Greeley

Chemistry V

First Place — Daniel Puga/St. John’s Lutheran School
Second Place — Sofia Truong/Warren Jr. High
Third Place — Audrey Wiebe/Our Lady of Perpetual Help School

Cognitive and Behavioral Science
First Place — Simratpreet Kaur/Ollivier Middle School
Second Place — Emily Ellis/Lincoln Jr. High
Third Place — Jaiden Flores/Ollivier Middle School
Honorable Mention — Amaliya Dray/Fruitvale Jr. High

First Place — Harjaisal Brar/St. John’s Lutheran School
Second Place — Peter Sullivan/St. John’s Lutheran School
Third Place — Devansh Anand, Krrish Kapadia/Warren Jr. High
Honorable Mention — Sadie Mullins/Rio Bravo-Greeley

Environmental Engineering
First Place — Antonio Maldonado/Palm Avenue School
Second Place — Caleb Peterson/Grimmway Academy-Arvin
Third Place — Sophia Camou/St. Francis Parish School
Honorable Mention — Hannah Burke/Rosedale North Elementary

Environmental Science
First Place — Farmer Moreno/Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Second Place — Yareli Sanchez/Teresa Burke Elementary
Third Place — Trevor Stanton/Woodrow Wallace Middle School

Materials Science
First Place — Aarohi Patel/Warren Jr. High
Second Place — Getsemani Valdovinos/Beardsley Jr. High
Third Place — Alexander Zhang/Warren Jr. High

Plant Biology
First Place — Ashlyn Vincent/Patriot Elementary
Second Place — Joshua Rangel/Heritage Christian Schools
Third Place — Angelina Rivera/California City Middle School

Plant Nutrition
First Place — Kasey Lassen/Woodrow Wallace Middle School
Second Place — Lucia Khuu/St. John’s Lutheran School
Third Place — Pujan Ghadia/Cato Middle School

First Place — Piercen Jones/Bessie Owens Intermediate
Second Place — Connor Ashton/St. John’s Lutheran School
Third Place — Erick Perez/Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Honorable Mention — Brooke Riggs/Chavez Elementary

Product Science I
First Place — Aislin Warkentin/Stockdale Christian School
Second Place — Lauren Trinh/St. John’s Lutheran School
Third Place — Cambria Parker/Lincoln Jr. High

Product Science II
First Place — Adalynn Acebedo/Bearsley Jr. High
Second Place — Evan Taw/Fruitvale Jr. High
Third Place — Kennadee Gagne, Makayla Haggins/California City Middle School


Applied Mechanics and Structures
First Place — Marcos Lucero, Mateo Jimenez/Ridgeview High School
Second Place — Elyse Wong/Bakersfield High School
Third Place — Nicole Warner, Natalie Warner/Desert High School
Honorable Mention — Callie McCaffery/Bakersfield High School

First Place —   Rishi Shah/Stockdale High School
Second Place — Janae Hutson/Ridgeview High School

Cognitive and Behavioral Science
First Place — Harshini Ravi, Harshita Ravi/Stockdale High School
Second Place — Khushali Desai, Aayushi Kapadia/Stockdale High School
Third Place — Ravneet Kaur, Penelope Narvaez/Ridgeview High School
Honorable Mention — Jessica Cruz, Yajayra Torres/Ridgeview High School

Environmental Science
First Place — Brian Ith, Marcus Rodriguez/Ridgeview High School
Second Place — Ravneet Pannu, Trinity Ybarra/Ridgeview High School
Third Place — Emily Lun, Amanda Sanchez/Ridgeview High School

Math and Software
First Place — Brianna Camero, Bhjan Kaur/Ridgeview High School
Second Place — Rishabh Bose/Stockdale High School

Microbiology/Molecular Biology
First Place — Avneet Sandhu/Ridgeview High School
Second Place — Suchitra Dara, Alor Sahoo/Stockdale High School
Third Place — Sagar Gupta, Stockdale High School

Plant Biology
First Place — Krina Ghadia/Stockdale High School
Second Place — Jasanpreet Brar, Sahil Kang/Ridgeview High School
Third Place — Ryoma Yamguchi, Ridgeview High School

The Kern County Science Fair is administered by Kern County Superintendent of Schools with primary sponsorship provided by Aera Energy LLC. Additional sponsorship and support is offered by Chevron North America Exploration and Production, California Resources Corporation, Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center, Kern County Science Foundation, American Chemical Society – Mojave Desert Section, Plains LPG Services, Pacific Coast Section of the SEG, and Bakersfield College.