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Title III

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Title III Workshop May, 2016

Line by line directions for completing the Title III LEA Plan Performance Goal 2 Template

Title III Updates Ppt. April, 2016

Applying for Title III Funding

  • Application for funding is done through ConApp.
  • LEAs requesting Title III funding will receive notification from the LPLO office of the funding requirements.
  • At that time, LPLO will request that CMT records be created for LEAs who have indicated they are applying for funding. Once there is a review record created and district level staff assigned to it (with correct name, position, phone number and email), the LEA may access CMT and begin to upload documents.

Preparing for Title III Plan

  1. Conduct Needs Assessment
    1. Analyze student achievement, language proficiency and other relevant data
    2. Provide a summary analysis of data
    3. Include a narrative describing the modifications to program and services to English learners and Immigrant students that will be made based on the analysis of data (Castañeda v. Pickard)
  2. Write plan. Address all required elements based on the accountability status and funding requested (LEP and/or Immigrant). Use LEA Plan Performance Goal 2
  3. Work with COE Lead to ensure that plan meets requirements.
  4. Upload all documents to a folder on a local server until the CMT record becomes available.

Supporting Documents

Optional Resource

Contact Lilly Rosenberger at (661) 636-4239 lirosenberger@kern.org any additional assistance.

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