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  • In Kern County, 11 infants die each year as a result of unsafe sleep environments. Safe sleep saves lives!
  • This October, become a Kern Cares Infant Safe Sleep Partner and help us save families from the preventable tragedy of losing an infant due to suffocation, accidents and SIDS from an unsafe sleeping environment at www.kerncares.org.
  • Choosing Summer Programs for Your Kids… Let CCCC help!
  • Things to consider before leaving your child home alone….. click here.
  • New safety standards for Play Yards Download a poster in English or Espanol
  • Important Information about changes in the Trustline RegulationsEn Espanol

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CCCC Attendance Logs

Download of the 2014-15 schedule of attendance log due dates.

Who We Are

Kern County’s Only Child Care Resource and Referral Agency, Community Connection for Child Care (CCCC) is a child development and family services agency dedicated to providing options, education and support to children, families, child development professionals and the community.

Cheryl Nelson, Director – Community Connection for Child Care
(661) 861-5311
email: chnelson@kern.org

Jean Steward
(661) 861-5217
email: jesteward@kern.org

Open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm

Contact us!

2000 K Street, Suite 110
Bakersfield, CA 93301

About CCCC

Community Connection for Child Care (CCCC) is a child development and family services agency dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Kern County children by advocating for quality child care and early learning, and providing community resources and support to families, early childhood educators and caregivers. CCCC is headquartered in Bakersfield and has staff out-stationed at 10 other office locations so that it can effectively serve all Kern County residents raising and caring for young children.

Since 1977 CCCC has helped families select the quality child care placements that meet their individual needs through its Child Care Resource and Referral division. In addition, the agency administers several child care subsidy programs to help families cover child care costs. CCCC works to promote the availability and accessibility of quality early care and education for all children by offering free training and resources that help providers stay in business and establish high quality services, and by educating local communities and leaders on child care concerns, parent needs and how to plan effectively to address child care needs.

  • Greg and Steve In Concert in Bakersfield – Get Tickets

    gsGreg and Steve In Concert in Bakersfield
    3/25/15, 3/26/15, and 3/27/15

    All concerts begin at 10 a.m.
    Doors open 9:15 a.m.
    Concerts run about 75 minutes


    Reservations can be made in advance for groups of 10 or more but MUST be secured
    with a payment or purchase order within one month of the reservation.

    Group ticket sales begin 3/2/15 at the Larry E. Reider Center, 2000 K Street, Bakersfield.


    Concert Location: Harvey Auditorium
    1241 G Street
    Bakersfield, CA 93301

    Important Ticket Purchasing Information

    Reservations will be held for one month, after that unpaid tickets may be released for sale to other classrooms without notice. No unpaid reservations are GUARANTEED.

    All people over 1 year of age require a ticket and all tickets are $7.00.
    A purchase order, check or money order will be required to purchase tickets.

    Please, No Cash (over $30.00) or credit cards will be accepted by CCCC.
    Sorry, NO REFUNDS

    Greg and Steve merchandise will be available for purchase at the concerts.
    Checks or cash will be accepted for merchandise purchase.
    Seating is on first come first-served basis, NO SAVED SEATS.

    Accommodations can be made for children with special needs.
    Please call Cindy Burns at (661)861-5202 to make special arrangements.

    ONLY the original yellow carbon copies of ticket receipts will be accepted at the door, no photo copies, call CCCC if you lose your yellow copy.

    No video or flash photography at the concerts.

    Ask for a map to near-by parks if you’d like to picnic with the children.

    For questions about the concerts call, Cindy Burns at Community Connection for Child Care by phone at 861-5202 or e-mail at ciburns@kern.org

  • Newsletters

  • Parent-Provider Handbook

    This handbook is designed to give parents and providers an overview of CCCC programs, outlining eligibility and need requirements and to provide information about program policies and procedures. CCCC subsidy programs are funded by CDE and through a contract with Department of Human Services (DHS) to serve low-income families who meet the appropriate eligibility and need criteria. The subsidy programs include CalWORKs Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and CAPP. CCCC is responsible for processing payments to child care providers for authorized child care hours. The subsidy programs are operated on a non-discriminatory basis ensuring equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or physical disability. Eligible families may select from a full range of child care services, and when requested, referrals for health and social services. This handbook was developed with funds from CDE and CDSS. CCCC is solely responsible for its content.




  • Parenting

    How can CCCC help me find child care?

    Community Connection for Child Care stands on the foundation of Resource and Referral services. CCCC provides the connection between licensed family child care providers and families throughout Kern County.

    FREE listings of licensed child care professionals, “how to” information on selecting a child care setting and a variety of enhanced services offered to parents take the worry out of finding a caregiver for our most important resource – children.

    Key Benefits

    • Fast Service — You can get referrals in our office, by phone or by using our online Referral Form.
    • Reliable Information — CCCC maintains a database of child care providers and child care programs which is updated routinely.
    • Unlimited Access — You may call/contact the service as often as needed.

    Each family will receive a listing of providers (referrals not recommendations) as well as useful information to consider while selecting care.

    Please call or visit us at our Bakersfield location:

    2020 K Street
    Toll-free number
    CCCC Referral Policy
    Políticas de Referencia

    Five Key Laws for Parents: These California laws allow you time to nurture your child.

    What types of child care are in Kern County?

    Read more about the different types of child care: Family Child Care Homes, Child Care Centers, Preschool care, Infant Care, School AGe care, Nanny Care, Au Pairs, Babysitters, Relative Care

    What is “quality” child care and why is it so important?

    A growing number of studies have shown what most parents intuitively know: that the early years are important and early relationships matter – at home and in child care. Current research details how a child’s earliest experiences and relationships affect the way his/her brain is organized. During these crucial early years of life, the brain is forming connections that may determine a lifetime of skills and potentials. Quality care of young children is key. Some of the findings confirm what parents and caregivers already know – that how the children are raised has an enormous impact on their emotional well-being, intellectual level and skills for success.

    How do I find quality child care?

    Start looking for a quality child care program for your child/ren as far in advance as you can. No matter what type of care you are considering—a child care center or care in someone else’s home—finding the right child care option can take some time. Of course, as a parent, you’re constantly putting your child first! When you’re interviewing providers, consider your child’s point of view.

    Think of the questions your child might ask:

    • Who’s going to care for me?
    • Are there plenty of toys I can reach and enjoy?
    • Where will I keep my “stuff”?
    • Is everyone having fun?
    • What will I do all day?

    Be sure to visit every program you are considering. Visit more than once, at different hours of the day. That’s the best way to see how the program works. You’ll also get a better “feel” for the caregiver’s style and daily routines. Remember, quality of care may vary from one program or provider to the next. For this reason, CCCC cannot recommend individual providers or programs. As a parent, you’re the one who is truly qualified to judge which care is best for your child!

  • Play and Learning

    Play: An essential component of high quality early learning programs

    A generation ago, kindergarten was supposed to get kids ready for school. But now everyone is talking about the importance of “school readiness” before kids get to kindergarten. That’s why many parents, anxious for their children to succeed in school, want early care and education programs to have children sit at tables using work sheets, drills, and flash cards to learn letters and numbers and even starting to read, add, and subtract. But preschoolers learn differently from school-age children: play is essential to early learning.

    Play is the main way children learn and develop ideas about the world. It helps them build the skills necessary for critical thinking and leadership. It’s how they learn to problem solve and to feel good about their ability to learn. Children learn the most from play when they have skilled teachers who are well-trained in understanding how play contributes to learning.

    Most child development experts agree that play is an essential part of a high-quality early learning program. Play is not a break from learning—it’s the way young children learn.

    Learn More about the importance of play

  • Parent Toolbox Podcasts

    Welcome to the Parent Toolbox a series of informative podcasts designed to give you the tools to be a better parent, grandparent or child care provider. The Parent Toolbox is sponsored by the CCCC Foundation. You can listen to these podcasts several different ways. You listen to them now on your computer, you can download them and listen to them on your computer any time you want, or you can save them to you IPod and listen to them whenever and wherever you like.This series covers a variety of topics, just click on the topic to access the podcast or handout.

    Podcast Handouts

    The CCCC Foundation wishes to thank the following people for their help and expertise in developing and recording these podcasts.

    • Tammy Burns, Early Childhood Council of Kern
    • Candy Coats, Henrietta Weill Child Guidance Clinic
    • Lisa Duncan-Purcell, Community Connection for Child Care
    • Mary Beth Garrison, Consultant
    • Dr. Claudia Jonas, Kern County Department of Public Health
    • Jason Krause, Community Connection for Child Care
    • Linda Maxwell Mack, Henrietta Weill Child Guidance Clinic
    • Terry McCormick, City of Bakersfield Recreation and Parks
    • Brian Puckett and John Lenko, Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office
    • Lezley Pumphrey, Proforma

    This project was funded through the Weingart-KCF Fund of the Kern Community Foundation. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for the people of Kern County by encouraging philanthropy, providing services to the donors, and assisting those who serve to meet the needs of the community.

    The Parent Toolbox – a timely, valuable and convenient way to help you become the parent you want to be.

  • Health, Safety and Nutrition

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