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    Braydon Cannon and Bryce Harrison from Juliet Thorner Elementary perform “Childhood” during the 45th annual Kern County Oral Language Festival on January 30.

  • MockTrialBillboard

    Members of Centennial High's winning mock trial team Paige Smith and Desiree Diaz reference notes as they defend Jamie Hayes in a fictional murder trial. Centennial moves on to represent Kern County at the state competition.

  • teacherfair

    SAVE THE DATE: 2016 Teacher Recruitment Fair will take place on Sat., April 9 at 2000 K St. On-line registration is now open. Click the photo to register.

  • MaryDoTheMath

    Associate Superintendent of Kern County Schools Mary Barlow was a special guest on Do the Math, KCSOS's live call-in math tutor program for 4th-12th graders.

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Oral Language Results

45th annual Kern County Oral Language Festival winners announced; trophies awarded for 1st through 3rd place    

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Mock Trial

Centennial High School named Mock Trial champs, moves on to represent Kern County at state competition in March

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2016 Student Competitions

Thousands of Kern County students to compete in numerous student events and competitions in 2016              

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