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    KCSOS will offer a FREE Youth Mental Health First Aid training on Jan. 11. The course aims to demystify the stigma surrounding mental health and teach signs and symptoms associated with mental illness. Click the slide to register.

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    Teachers and administrators from KCSOS’s alternative education program pose for a photo after the annual mini-grants reception on December 6. KCSOS annually invites teachers to apply for mini-grants to fund unique educational projects.

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    Educational assistant in KCSOS’s alternative education program Alexandro Zamora helps his son play reindeer games during the annual KCSOS holiday party at the California Living Museum.

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    Students from Centennial High School's winning We the People Congressional Hearings team show off their hardware as they pose for a selfie. Centennial has won the competition five years running.

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    The newest display at HolidayLights at CALM is a tribute to Bakersfield Sound guitarist Tommy Hays. Wife Kim (pictured) surprised Tommy with the huge lighted guitar as family and friends looked on during the event's opening night on Nov. 25.

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We the People Results

Academic competition season kicked off with Centennial winning the “We the People” regional tournament        

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California Condors

California Living Museum adds two California condors boasting massive 9.5′ wingspans to its animal collection  

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Universal Playground

New universal playground allows students with mobility limitations to play alongside their peers at Richardson Center

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