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    A Valley Oaks Charter School student contemplates the meteorite he's holding during an enrichment lesson wherein a highly sought-after moon rock exhibit was on loan to the school from NASA.

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    6th graders Amber, Jillian and Ella pose with an oversized check presented to Camp KEEP from Sparkling Image Car Washes of Bakersfield. Sparkling Image has donated more than $50,000 to KEEP in recent years.

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    Hundreds of Kern County students with special needs visited the Kern County Fair on October 1 for the annual Special Friends Day field trip.

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    KCSOS staffers help kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month by leading the charge during the annual Links for Life lunchtime walk in downtown Bakersfield on October 1.

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Young People’s Concert

A new area for Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra begins with re-worked Young People’s Concert field trip program 

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Upcoming Workshops

KCSOS will host three upcoming workshops for districts in Restorative Practices designed to improve school climate

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Mental Health First Aid

KCSOS joins national initiative to increase mental health literacy through new Youth Mental Health First Aid program

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Wednesday October 7th

Valley Oaks Charter School students and their families were treated to an opportunity today to interact with a rare collection of moon rocks and meteorites that were on loan to the school from NASA. ...

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