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Facilities and Property Management

Kern County Superintendent of Schools

KCSOS facilities and property management staff are experienced in all planning and project development processes for new school or modernization construction. Generally the facilities staff is available for questions and guidance based upon this expertise. This 6 person department may be available for a fee for service support, depending on the type of request and available resources at the time.

Facilities and Property Management Department, Sherrie Gruber, Director of Facilities

This department has the ability to answer questions and help guide the district to resources regarding all state processes involved in developing and building or renovating a school. Sherrie has relationships with staff at the Department of the State Architect (DSA), California Department of Education (CDE), and the Office of Public Scholl Construction (OPSC), that may be of benefit to the district in navigating the process.  The Facilities department can aide a small school district thru the Architect and Construction Manager Selection process and provide guidance for Owners representative thru design and or construction. Contact Sherrie to discuss your project.

Director of Facilities – Sherrie Gruber: (661) 636-4577
Construction Project Management – George Carson: (661) 636-4895

Property management

Negotiating leases and dealing with surplus property issues are expertise available in this department.  Guidance can be provided to direct the district to the appropriate procedures and best practices for leasing, purchasing or disposing of property.

Sherrie Gruber: (661) 636-4577

Furniture and finish specification, Space Planning

Beth Davis in the department has extensive knowledge of furniture for Administration space and or 21st century learning space.  If a district has a desire to develop standards for the furniture in their district, the facilities department can help direct to resources.

Beth Davis: (661) 636-4500

Public Works Compliance Monitoring Program

Susan Robison has 13 years of Public Work experience and is available to school districts seeking guidance on the reporting requirements for Public Works construction projects.  Our department guides awarding bodies and their construction professionals through the requirements the Department of Industrial Relations has developed.  Fees for services are available on a limited basis.

Susan Robison: (661) 636-4260

Conference and meeting room rental

The facilities department manages and takes reservations for all KCSOS meeting rooms available for District and public use per the Civic Center Act. Room reservations can be made thru Brianna Cardoza.

Brianna Cardoza: (661) 636-4041

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