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Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Transportation Services

School BusThe Kern County Superintendent of Schools Department of Transportation Services was developed in 1981. In addition to providing pupil transportation, the department offers a school bus driver training program and vehicle maintenance and repair services.

Pupil Transportation

KCSOS Transportation Services contracts out its pupil transportation services to several Kern County school districts and agencies. Each day they transport 1150 students at over 75 different school sites. In all, 65 bus and private transporter routes are covered totaling over 8000 miles every day or 1.8 million miles each year.

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School Bus Driver Training Program Request Form

School Bus Driver Requirements

2018-2019 Class Schedule

2018-2019 Class Schedule – DOC

Driver Training Program

The School Bus Driver Training Program exists to provide cost-effective, quality training that promotes student safety and reduces school bus accidents. Our commitment is to provide you school bus drivers who are safe, competent and well-trained.

Vehicle Maintenance

KCSOS Transportation Services provides vehicle maintenance and repair on thousands of vehicles used by schools and other public agencies for many counties. We have an excellent reputation for service and work daily to build on it.

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