Classes & Training Program

KCSOS’s School Bus Driver Training Program exists to provide cost-effective, quality training that promotes student safety and reduces school bus accidents. Our commitment is to provide you school bus drivers who are safe, competent and well-trained. Be it an individual or group, let us provide you with training professionals.

Is a training service cost-effective for your district?

There is a saying you may be familiar with – “Why reinvent the wheel?” Development and maintenance of an “effective” driver training program can be expensive. It takes many hours to create and perfect programs that meet the needs of a transportation department and its staff.

Our full-time instructors provide the same services to numerous clients, eliminating the costly task of your district preparing new and up-to-date programs.

We will reduce the time you dedicate to training!

What is the cost for training services?

We serve schools and public agencies, and operate on a “fee for service” basis. An hourly fee is charged. Your district’s needs will determine your cost. Professional training at a reasonable rate is our goal. A current rate schedule will be provided upon request.

Register for a Class

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