Kern County Consortium SELPA

Educationally Related Mental Health Services

ERMHS (Educationally Related Mental Health Services) is designed to address social emotional barriers to learning. Evidence shows that exposure to trauma, significant deficits in social emotional skills, and many disorders can benefit from therapy.

All services are determined by the IEP team and are tailored to specific student needs. Goals are monitored weekly and data is presented according to the IEP.

ERMHS is intended to be an exhaustion of services model in order to insure that your student receives the least restrictive and intrusive level of service to meet the presenting needs. If the student responds well to services then efforts are made through the IEP team to facilitate an easy transition to a lower level of support. If the student struggles with the level of service provided then the IEP team may meet to discuss increased, or more intensive, service options including home-based models.