School/Community Partnerships

2020 Engagement Campaign

This year – more than ever before – there is a great need to invest in the transition back to school for students, families and educators as we begin the year in a distance learning model.

We are proud to present a Distance Learning Engagement Campaign and resources with the theme of “Present, Engaged and Supported!”

The campaign emphasizes that strong, trusting relations between kids, families, teachers, and other critical school staff will have a significant impact on the ability of students to focus and learn in this new environment. Establishing and maintaining regular communication with families and welcoming them as partners will help ensure that students are supported at home and in school.

Below are resources for distance learning success.

For Parents/Students

For Educators

Virtual Background 1
Virtual Background 2

Monitoring Attendance in Distance Learning

Present, Engaged, and Supported PSA (ENGLISH)

Present, Engaged, and Supported PSA (SPANISH)

Remote Teaching Strategies

How to take attendance in ZOOM

Social-Emotional Learning Best Practices