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Teacher Induction Programs

The BTSA Induction Program provides opportunities for preliminary credentialed teachers to expand and deepen their teaching knowledge and skills, ultimately to a recommendation for a professional clear credential.

The Kern County Superintendent of Schools – Teacher Induction Programs is a multi-district consortium that includes 44 public schools, 4 charter, 14 private schools, and the KCSOS educational programs. The KCSOS BTSA Induction Program is available to employees of consortium member districts/schools who hold a Preliminary Multiple Subjects and/or Single Subject credential(s). It provides two years of job-embedded structured support and professional development. With the support of trained Support Providers, Participating Teachers complete an inquiry-based formative assessment as they learn and apply new skills within the context of their own classrooms, with their own students. After successful completion of the Induction Program, Participating Teachers are recommended for a Clear credential.

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