School/Community Partnerships

Physical Education Programs (PEP)

Carol M. White Physical Education Program

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The Kern Kids Get Moving! Project is designed to help Kern County students meet state standards for physical education and will serve to promote and encourage lifelong eating habits. Kern Kids Get Moving! targets youth at KCSOS Valley Oaks Charter School, Alternative Education Program sites and after-school programs who serve Migrant Education Program students at Vineland, Arvin and Buttonwillow School Districts. The following goals and objectives outline the frame and intended outcomes of the project.

  • Goal 1: Increase physical activity and movement of targeted students daily
  • Goal 2: To increase overall cardiovascular fitness of targeted students daily
  • Goal 3: To increase the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed
  • Goal 4: Provide professional development for PE Teachers/Staff in research based PE activities and curriculum.


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CATCH Programs

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CATCH stands for a Coordinated Approach To Child Health and is an evidence-based, coordinated school health program designed to promote physical activity, healthy food choices and the prevention of tobacco use in children. The CATCH Programs cover kids from preschool through 8th grade and has been implemented in thousands of schools and after-school organizations across America and Canada.

By teaching children that eating healthy and being physically active every day can be FUN , the CATCH Programs have proven that establishing healthy habits in childhood can promote behavior changes that can last a lifetime.

Kaiser Permanente Community

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Kern County Superintendent of Schools was recently awarded a grant from Kaiser Permanente that will be serving our Special Education Students. The grant will be funding the Instant Recess program and our very own Brain Breaks: Bring Movement to the Classroom resource.

Instant Recess

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Brain Breaks

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The Brain Breaks resource tool is a flip book full of short and engaging activities that offer students opportunities to prepare the brain for learning. Brain Breaks activities can be used:

  • At the start of the day
  • Before diving into an academic goal
  • Between academic activities
  • When students show signs of boredom
  • When students appear restless
  • Before, during and after testing
  • While teaching and or reviewing your academic content


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