School/Community Partnerships

Contracted School District Direct Nursing Services

  1. Health screening and educational mandates as requested by District.
  2. Implement applicable Education Code requirements concerning immunizations, infectious diseases and specialized physical health care services.
  3. Develop and implement classroom curriculum related to current health promotion and prevention education guidelines.
  4. Update and maintain school health records.
  5. Monitor and review medication administration policies and protocols.
  6. Attend school health emergencies while on school district site.
  7. Act as a resource and trainer to staff and parents in regards to health services.
  8. Attend IEP & 504 meetings as requested by District and complete associated assessments, written reports, annual and 3 year reviews.
  9. Refer the pupil and his or her parent or guardian to appropriate community resources for necessary services.
  10. Prepare and submit applicable state mandates reports to the California Department of Education.

Cal-Safe Program Contact
Shelley E. Northrop