Migrant Education – Region V

Academic Program Descriptions

Program Language, Age and/or Grade Levels Descriptions Locations /Contacts

1. INEA (Adult Education Program from Mexico)

(recommended for 9th grade –Adults)
Preliterate- secondary

INEA is the Adult Education Program
from Mexico. Secondary age students and adults who are non or limited
English speaking are provided instruction and materials in Spanish in
all content areas (e.g., math, reading, science, etc.). It may be used
as a Pre-GED Program for students are preparing to take the GED
in Spanish. It may also be used for students who want to receive certification
from Mexico. Secondary teachers may also want to use it in high school

Locations, days and times to be determined
based on migrant students’ needs.
Start up dates fall and/or early spring 2002. Contact Mayra Garza
Phone: (661) 636-4398
Region V Migrant Education
Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office

2. GED (high school equivalency diploma)

English or Spanish
(recommended for 18 year olds-adults)
Levels-5th grade reading/math in English or Spanish

The GED is the high school equivalency
diploma that is offered in all states in the United States. In order to
earn this diploma students must past five tests. The GED is recommended
for students who want to obtain higher paying jobs and/or attend college.
Students who cannot attend high school, have too many units to complete
or are older Spanish speaking students, benefit from the GED. It is not
recommended for students who do not have a strong academic background
below the 5th grade.

California State University, Bakersfield,
Adult Education Programs via school districts (some districts only offer
the GED in English)
Some Community Colleges
(e.g., Bakersfield City, Taft, Antelope-Lancaster), Job Corps and Conservation
Contacts: Programs above or
Mayra Garza.
Phone: (661) 636-4398

3. California PASS Program

English and some Courses are in Spanish

These are courses offered via Migrant Education
and are based on the courses and Standards of schools in California. Students
may take the courses at school or at home. These are recommended for Migrant
students who have one semester or less to complete in a California High
School. High schools and the Migrant Education Program must establish
an agreement in order for students to receive PASS units towards graduation.

Contact: California High schools which have the Migrant
Education Program or Mayra Garza Phone: (661) 636-4398 Region V Migrant
Education Kern County

4. Short Term Certification Programs (vocational)

English (some schools also offer ESL and/or tutoring to assist the Limited
English Speaking Student in preparing and/or taking short term certification
Recommended for secondary age students-adults.

Short-term certification programs are offered via
school districts and state community colleges. These may last from several
weeks (e.g., teachers aide to more then a year (e.g., vocational nurse).

Successful completion of these programs allows the students to receive
certification in a vocational area and obtain higher paying positions.
Students may also want to use these programs as the beginning of a career
ladder in a profession (e.g. teachers aide certification to teacher).

Most of these programs provide for practice in the vocation of choice
as well as class work.

Contact local school district, community college,
Job Corps , Conservation Corps


Mayra Garza
Phone: (661) 636-4398
Region V Migrant Education
Kern County

5. California High School Proficiency Examination

Age 16 or older and have completed at least one academic year of tenth grade
or are enrolled in the second semester of tenth grade

It is an alternative to completing high school in
California. If the examination (3 hours) is successfully completed, students
receive a Certificate of Proficiency. It is recommended for students who
have strong academic backgrounds from U.S. schools but are not able to
attend school.
All persons and institutions controlled by California law that require
high school diplomas for any purpose must accept the certificate as satisfying
those requirements. Federal government agencies are not bound by state

California Proficiency Testing (916) 383-9506
Mayra Garza
Phone: (661) 636-4398
Region V Migrant Education
Kern County
(If a student is attending high school, it is recommended that he/she discuss
this option with a counselor before making a decision)