Kern County Network for Children

DR ETO Software FAQ

Q: When a child of one of our families is only in the home during the summer and holiday breaks do we still leave her in the DR Household Assessment?

A: Was her name on the DHS referral or in the home when the referral was issued? If so, then yes. If not, then you can leave her off for consistency.

Q: When we have a referral that comes over from CPS I always put the family name under the mother, but if the mother is not in the household for whatever reason and we’ll be working with dad, guardian, etc., I put the HOH as the person that we’ll be working with, but the name that comes up on our Intake list is not the mother on the referral but rather whoever is the HOH. Is this a problem?

A: To create a consistency between DR and DHS, we keep the mom’s name as the name of the family (Jane Fake Family) even if dad (John Fake) is the HOH. That way, if a SW or DHS staff member needs to find out about a family in DR, we have a unique identifier that the sites can search even if the HOH name is different. DR is never as easy as 1-2-3 and we hoping the sites can track the different name when it comes up.

Q: I forgot to do an Exit Matrix on a client I just dismissed. How can I put that in?

A: Go to the right hand side bar and click on “Participant History” and click “Participant Assessment.” Put in the first 3 letters of your client’s last name, check the box for “Include Dismissed Participants in Results” and click “Search.”

Click the “Go” button. You will see the assessments that have been done for that client. To add a new assessment click “Take New Assessment” and select which one you want to do in the yellow drop down box and click “Continue.”

Q: There are two clients with the same name on in my case load. How do I fix this?
A: To merge duplicate clients, go to the right blue navigation bar and click on “Participants” and then click on “Duplicated Participants.” This will give you a list of all duplicated participants in that program. Then select the ones you want to merge by clicking the checkboxes and clicking on “Merge Selected Records.” You must merge records on clients one client at a time. Merging duplicates allows you to combine all data on that client from all sources so you do not lose information.

Q: I am a Supervisor and how do I delete a duplicate assessment like a Matrix or a Family Care Plan Agreement from the system?

A: Click on the “Go” button and find the client and select the client. Click the client name and select “Case Management.” Once you are there it will give you all the assessments and efforts you have done. Go to the one you want to delete and click on the “Take Action” drop down and click “Delete.”

Q: I’m a supervisor. How can I see what families are referred to what case managers?

A: A supervisor can go to the homepage on the Data Entry/Intake screen and click the “Go” button for the “View/Edit Referral.” All participants who were referred a case manager will be listed sorted by case manager caseload number. To see an overall number of your site’s case load go to “Reports” select ” Standard Reports” and scroll down to the “Enrollment Report” section. “Site-wide Enrollment Report” will give you the total number of active and dismissed cases as well as bar charts by each case manager!

Q: I have forgotten my password!

A: Please feel free to contact Kim Silva at or Alicia Garcia at for your new password.

Q: How is the privacy of the DR data secure?

A: ETO Software Servers are protected by regular system wide and client specific security audits and state-of-the-art Intrusion Detection systems which monitor the security of the entire network from multiple access points. Operating System security releases are installed or updated within 24 hours of release. All ETO Software transactions are conducted over a secured connection using industry-leading 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption, which protects confidential information from interception and hacking. Additionally, Social Solutions maintains a Virtual Private Network (VPN) through which all maintenance, enhancements, and upgrades to ETO Software are deployed. ETO Software Servers are monitored 24 hours a day by technicians who are on call or immediately available. ETO Software data servers are backed-up once a day, then weekly, monthly, and annually. Back-up tapes are stored in safe deposit boxes off-site from the server environment. ETO Software is secured using industry standard Verisign security encryption. Multi-level user-access is determined by the system administrator and can be easily disabled or amended locally and globally.