Kern Education Telecom Network (KETN)

Kern Educational Telecommunications Network (KETN) exists to provide cost effective, telecommunications based, educational opportunities to students and adults.

KETN provides full video and audio production services, from idea conception to completed project, for the departments of the Kern County Superintendent of Schools office, as well as outside profit and non-profit organizations. Project categories include long and short format model teaching lessons, distance education classes, documentaries, industrial training videos, student productions, commercials, public service announcements, and live interactive programming via broadcast, Internet and/or satellite.


Creative Concepts
Pre-Production Planning
Studio Multi-Camera Production (both live and taped)
Single & Multi-Camera Field Production
Full Post Production Facilities (linear and non-linear modes)
Format Conversion
Audio Tape Duplication
Live web streaming and on-demand services
KETN interviewing guest

John Lenko
Coordinator, Media Services / KETN
(661) 636-4259