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Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families™ Five Protective Factors Framework is a national and international evidence based movement developed to prevent and reduce the maltreatment of children. The movements focus is to bring stakeholders, child welfare workers, child care providers, parents, and the community in general together to strengthen families. Families are strengthened when they gain knowledge and implement the Five Protective Factors in their daily lives. Community Connection for Child Care has five dedicated Strengthening Families™ certified trainers that provide the trainings throughout Kern County on implementing the Five Protective Factors.

What are the Protective Factors?

  • Knowledge of Parent and Child Development;
  • Parental Resilience;
  • Social Connections;
  • Children’s Social and Emotional Competence;
  • Concrete Support in times of need.

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The History of Strengthening Families™

The movement was started in 2003 by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) when they commissioned the Erickson Institute to identify the factors that reduce child abuse and neglect. A yearlong field study was then conducted followed by a two-year phase where seven states piloted the approach in early care and education programs. As additional states joined in implementing the Framework, more structured learning was possible through a network of more than 30 states, led jointly by the National Alliance Children’s Trust & Prevention Funds through their Early Childhood Initiative and CSSP through their Strengthening Families National Network.

In 2008, the Children’s Bureau funded a five-year cooperative agreement to enable the partnership of CSSP, the Alliance, and ZERO TO THREE to administer the Quality Improvement Center on Early Childhood.

In September 2013, the test period ended which resulted in the dissemination of the four site projects to further enrich knowledge about protective factors and provided the field with new tools and resources.

What is a Protective Factor?

A protective factor is a characteristic that makes a parent, child, or family more likely to thrive and less likely to encounter negative outcomes.
The five protective factors were selected because families can build on them through every day interaction with the people and systems they encounter in their day-to-day
lives. All families are included in the Strengthening Families movement because all families need help in building their protective factors.

To take part in the national movement by requesting a training for your staff, parents, or partner agencies, please call the California Strengthening Families Coordinator located at the Community Connection for Care office at (661) 851-5252 or simply take a look at the Training Calendar and sign up for a training.

If you live in California but are located outside of Kern County and you would like a list of certified trainers in your area, please contact the Coordinator at (661) 861-5252.