2022-23 Senior Memorial Award Recipients Named

2022-23 Senior Memorial Award Recipients Named

  • May 10, 2023

A big congratulations to four soon-to-be high school graduates from KCSOS’s alternative education program who were honored on May 9, 2023 with the 2022 – 2023 Senior Memorial Awards. The annual awards recognize the outstanding achievement of recipients, many of whom had to overcome extreme hurdles on their way to graduating from high school and are named in memory of four beloved alternative education staff members who have passed away.

Those recognized this year are as follows:

Angelica Alora
Alton Patterson Optimism Memorial Award

Angelica came to this country from the Philippines and has excelled in her classes despite being a second-language learner. Angelica always sees the positive side of any situation and works hard to provide a stable future for herself and her family. Those that know Angelica describe her as a career-focused, goal-driven, and hard-working person. Although she has faced many roadblocks in her life, Angelica remains positive and was determined to graduate with her class. Angelica will graduate from CLC Tech with the support of the on-site daycare offered to parenting students. Angelica enrolled in the JobsPlus! Senior Seminar course that prepared her with soft skills instruction, a resume, interview experience, college enrollment, and the chance to work in a paid internship that fit her schedule. Angelica desires to enter the medical field and will begin working on her nurse assistant certification when she starts college.

Adrianna Leon
Tami Gibson Integrity Memorial Award

Adrianna exhibits many outstanding qualities and characteristics. She is humble, caring, and puts others before herself. She also carries herself politely and respectfully. One characteristic that shines through is resilience. Adrianna has endured challenges and difficulties, yet she always bounces back stronger than ever. Adrianna is an exceptional human being and the staff that work with her are excited to see what the future holds for her. Adrianna’s perseverance and determination will provide many opportunities for her in her future.

Denise Castillo
Sixo Urzua Perseverance Memorial Award

Denise has faced many obstacles, yet she refuses to let those challenges define her. Instead, Denise has used her challenges as a reason to succeed. Denise remains active in JobsPlus!, serves as a model student, and excels in her academics. Her love and compassion are evident by all staff and students that come in contact with her. Denise is always willing to be a friend and lend an ear or voice to anyone who needs it. Staff describe Denise as hard-working, resilient, and determined. When Denise sets her mind on a goal, she doesn’t let anything stop her from achieving it. Denise is the definition of perseverance.

Ashley Barraza
Jerry Elisondo Empathy Memorial Award

Ashley has persevered through obstacles that many adults would struggle with. She is optimistic regarding her future and what it holds for her, and she shows integrity and maturity beyond her years. Each of these attributes has contributed to Ashely’s empathy for others. Ashley has been through more than most, which gives her a heightened understanding of what others may be going through. She is always looking out for her younger brother, being empathetic to what he may be going through, and ensures he is supported to the best of her abilities. Ashley also takes care of her foster sisters and is a leader on campus at North Kern Community School. She participates in the after schoolwork out program and has motivated others to do so, as well. Ashley has a good understanding of people, listens well, and does her best to help in any situation.