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Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks

What are “content standards”? 

Educational content standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each subject in each grade. In California, the SBE decides upon and adopts the standards for all students, from kindergarten through high school, pursuant to EC sections 60605-60605.85; the specific dates for the SBE’s adoption of standards for any particular subject are included within these EC sections, and neither the SBE nor the CDE may revise the standards without specific authority provided in law.

What are standards maps? Are standards maps available for grades nine through twelve? 

The grade level content standards maps were developed so that LEAs could determine the extent to which basic instructional materials in history-social science, mathematics, reading/language arts and science are aligned to the content standards adopted by the SBE.

Publishers of K-8 instructional materials submitted for state adoption complete standards maps for their programs by including citations that show where in their program each standard is taught. Copies of the standards map templates are on our Web site—see links below. Completed standards maps are available from publishers.

Standards map templates for grades nine through twelve have also been developed. Publishers may provide completed standards maps to assist LEAs in their selection of instructional materials for high school, but they are not required to do so. LEAs are encouraged to use these standards maps, either by completing a standards map by entering their own citations, or by verifying the publisher’s citations, to determine if the instructional materials are aligned to state content standards.

Reading/Language Arts Standards Maps

  • Program 1: Reading/Language Arts Basic Program, K-8
  • Program 2: Reading/Language Arts Basic Program, K-8
  • Program 3: Primary Language/English-Language Development Basic Program, K-8
  • Program 4: Intensive Intervention Program in Reading/Language Arts, Grades Four Through Eight
  • Program 5: Intensive Intervention Program for English Learners, Grades Four Through Eight

Mathematics, K-8 Standards Maps

Science Standards Maps

History-Social Science Standards Maps

Grades 9-12 Standards Maps for the Core Content Areas

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