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Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Tech Planning

Saving time and providing peace of mind.

The Department of Technology Services assists with technology planning and purchasing of new technology.  This service consists of but is not limited to:

  • Plan for the future technology needs with regard to Facilities, Hardware, and Software
  • Validate Software prior to purchase
  • Assisting in finding viable solutions with regard to software and hardware issues
  • Validating network and client software compatibility
  • Evaluation for Security risks/concerns

Our mission is to help you determine that the software and/or hardware that you are looking for does in fact provide you with the most cost effective solution that meets your specific needs.  Further to that, we will ensure that the software and/or hardware that you are purchasing is compatible with our network and your client software.  Lastly, we’ll review the potential purchase to ensure that it meets with KCSOS’s standards for security.

Please contact the Support Desk at:

(661) 636-4549
(661) 636-4202 fax

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