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Special Education Local Plan Area

Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Procedural Manual Appendix 2014

1. Referral Notice English & Spanish
2. Search and Serve form
3. Placement consideration
4. Parent-Guardian Notice of IEP
5. Parental Status Data and Search Documentation Form
6. Surrogate Parent Volunteer Application Form
7. Designation of the Educationcal Representative Form
8. Surrogate Parent Volunteer Agreement
9. Consent for Assessment English
9a. Spanish Consent Form
10. Parent Transition Training 09-10
11. SELPA Psych Eval Guidelines 2015 DJB edits
12. Pre- Post-IEP Checklist
13. Notice of IEP Meeting – Parent
14. Staff-IEP-Meeting-Notice
15. Excusal of IEP Team Membersl
16. Procedural-Safeguards-English-Rev-07-25-2017
16a. Prodedural-Safeguards-Spanish-Rev-07-25-2017
17. Proof of Copy of IEP without Pay 2017
18. English ADR Parent Handout
18a. Spanish ADR Parent Handout
19. SELPA Special Circumstances Instructional Assistance SCIA Manual 2015
20. LowIncidenceEquipFunds
21. Manifestation Determination form
22. Transition-to-Adult-Life-and-Agencies
23. Certificate Course of Study Form
24. Diploma Course of Study Form
25. Continuum of Placement Options
26. LRE Flowchart
27. English Parental Revocation of Consent for Spec Ed Letter TEMPLATE
27a. Parent Revocation Letter English TEMPLATE
27b. Spanish Parental Revocation of Consent for Spec Ed Letter TEMPLATE
27c. Spanish 2nd Revocation Letter TEMPLATE_S
27d. Spanish Letter with Revocation Form TEMPLATE
28. ERMHS Parental Consent Eng
28a. ERMHS Spanish Parental Consent
29. Residential Consideration form
30. Out of State Placement
31. Consent for Assessment English
32. Search and Serve form fillable
34. Joint Guidance onFERPA-HIPAA
35. Charter School Application for SELPA Membership
36. Updated Moderate Interv Funding Guidelines
37. Legal Fees Reimbursement Application
38. Request for Program Specialist Support
39. ERMHS Parental Consent Eng
39a. ERMHS Spanish Parental Consent
40. Interim- Placement 30 day Notice
41. Contract with Participating District
42. Inter-SELPA request form
43. Bus Service Request
44. ISA Individual Service Agreement
45. California Children’s Services
46. KRC Assessment
47. Individual-Service-Plan-for-private-school-1
48. Individualized-Service-Plan-ISP_S

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