School-Community Partnerships

Kern County Superintendent of Schools

School-Community Partnerships Staff

The Department of School-Community Partnerships reaches out to provide and coordinate a variety of support services to students, teachers, schools, families, and community members throughout Kern County and statewide. A key component is the development of collaborative partnerships to build capacity between school districts and communitiy partners. These partnerships are the building blocks for a safe, healthy, positive and educationally sound future for all of our children and families.


BTSA Induction Program

  • Malaika Bryant, Coordinator – Beginning Teacher Support Assessment Program (BTSA), (661) 636-4301
    email: mbryant@kern.org
  • Rhonda Langley, Secretary I, (661) 636-4315
    email: rhlangley@kern.org
  • Jason Crossley, Program Specialist (661) 636-4302 jacrossley@kern.org

Health Services

physical location: Blanton Ed Center, 300 E. Truxtun Ave, Suite B
mailing address: KCSOS, 1300 17th Street – SCP Blanton, Bakersfield, CA 93301-4533

  • Shelley Northrop, Health Services Coordinator, (661) 852-5648
    email: shnorthrop@kern.org
  • Justin Roberts, Teacher – PEP Grant, (661) 852-5657
    email: juroberts@kern.org
  • Elizabeth Velasco-Ramirez, Program Facilitator – NHC Grant, (661) 852-5662
    email: elvelasco@kern.org
  • Esmeralda Victoria-Galvez, Prevention Services Facilitator – PTC Grant, (661) 852-5658
    email: esvictoria@kern.org


Student Assistance Programs / Project 180

  • Daryl Thiesen, Coordinator II, Prevention Programs, (661) 636-4757
    email: dathiesen@kern.org
  • Salvador Arias, Prevention Specialist – Project 180, (661) 636-4242
    email: saarias@kern.org
  • Kevin Keyes, Prevention Specialist – Project 180, (661) 636-4243
    email: kekeyes@kern.org

Safe Schools

Safe Schools/Healthy Students

Blanton Center

Tania Schalburg-Dykes, Coordinator Intern Programs, (661) 636-4367

Emily Walker, Project Facilitator, Teacher Development, (661) 636-4666

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