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Alternative Education

Kern County Superintendent of Schools


The Kelly F. Blanton Student Education Center, in the greater Bakersfield area, is the largest community school campus, and is a year-round public school program operated by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office. The Blanton Student Education Center works closely with other school districts, the probation department, and the juvenile courts of Kern County. Eligible students include:

  1. expelled students
  2. students recommended by school attendance review board
  3. students whose parents have requested and received district approval
  4. students who are referred by the probation department
  5. students who are on probation, or parole and not in attendance in any school
  6. homeless students

Blanton’s programs serve students in grades K thru 12th grade. Blanton Student Education Center includes: CLC Tech (high school classroom and independent study programs); Blanton Elementary (K-6 classroom and independent study programs); Blanton Academy (integrated junior high and high school classrooms for probation referred students, only); Special Education Services; Career Plus Center; Mental Health Services; Blanton Child Development Center (Cal Safe Program) and Instructional Technology Services for court and community schools.

School Contact & Location:
Office Phone Number:
Office Hours
Monday through Friday. 7:30am – 4pm
School Address
300 East Truxtun Avenue, suite A
Bakersfield, CA 93305
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